Kingpin Boring Service

In the rush to compete and save costs, many manufacturers are providing axles that wear prematurely because the kingpin easily distorts the eyelet causing the axle to become useless. Our new mobile service saves expensive axle replacement and results in an improved method of securing the kingpin for excellent performance under harsh conditions.

Another cost-saving service from Axle and Spindle Repair.

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Rounded out eyelet makes this axle useless. Simply replacing the kingpin will result in premature wear.

Boring out the eyelet to an oversized dimension also trues the opening for secure fitment.

Installation of a high quality bushing into the bore guarantees true alignment of the kingpin. Bushing is sweated into place and then welded.

New kingpin has a flat side secured by a set screw with block. This is much better than the original at a fraction of the cost of axle replacement.