In the Shop at Axle and Spindle Repair, Inc.


Axle and Spindle Repair, Inc. offers a full-service shop for the most extreme cases. For instance, axles that cannot be fixed with our mobile service or axles that are not needed on the job site immediately, can be serviced in our shop. Also, if the axle is already pulled from the machine it can be easily serviced in our shop.

Our shop is equipped for single repair jobs or high-volume axle and spindle repair.

Our shop features manually run machines and computerized lathing and milling machines.

Our in-shop lathe and milling machines are able to remachine the spindle surface for new bearings, seals and it cuts new threads to factory specifications.

Our shop can repair several axles simultaneously.

Our shop has the ability to repair any type of axle.

For us, no job is too big or too small.

Our in-shop service will remanufacture any type of axle or any size that cannot be repaired.