“This method repairs damaged axles and spindles at one-third the cost of new parts and the repair is as good as new.”

What Axle and Spindle Repair, Inc. does for you:


Save you money and time by performing the work on the job site, or in the convenience of your shop.

Typical repair jobs are completed in three to five hours with our mobile service.

Fix all types of axles; from full-floating and planetary axle components to trailing and dead axles.

With our mobile service, we can repair spindles up to 5 inches in diameter.

With our in-shop service we can repair any size spindle.

We utilize an innovative process of weld build up and remachining the spindle to the original tolerances and specifications.

Axles that cannot be repaired are remanufactured, and the spindles replaced.

Our company’s services eliminate disassembly and replacement costs.

Axle and Spindle Repair, Inc. offers these services at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We make permanent repairs to factory original specifications in our shop or on the road.

Our portable lathe remachines the spindle surface for new bearings, seals and it cuts new threads.

With in-shop service and mobile technology that comes to you, we offer convenient service by experienced mechanics who have made thousands of repairs over a 35-year period without failure.